Thursday, 6 December 2012

Autumn Statement - Letter to local press

Dear Sir,

Yesterday’s Autumn Statement by the Chancellor showed that we have a tough road ahead, but we are on the right path. While theGovernment set out the tough decisions needed to support growth and cut the deficit, Labour’s Ed Balls choked and failed to offer any alternative. At every step he has opposed the Government’s cuts without saying what Labour would do. New Labour may be over but new opportunism is still core to Labour’s approach.

The Welsh Government will gain an extra £227m for capital spending and £52m for day-to-day spending as a result of yesterday announcement, but Labour in Wales are cutting the NHS and letting waiting lists grow.

Thankfully for people in Wales, the Welsh Assembly doesn’t have control over taxes, so working people in Wales will be £267 better off next year as a result of the personal allowance increase announced by the Chancellor. More evidence that Conservatives in Government are protecting people Wales whilst Labour attacks our public services.

Yours sincerely,

Owen Meredith
Welsh Assembly Candidate 2011, Caerphilly

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