Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The 49 MPs who voted against Civil Partnerships - and how they are voting now #equalmarriage

Of the 49 MPs who voted against Civil Partnerships in 2004, 26 are still Members of the House of Commons. According the the Coalition for Equal Marriage, most will stick with their vote from 2004 despite the many comments in the debate today that show people who opposed CPs in 2004 have grown to accept and embrace them.

Three, worthy of comment have changed their mind - Desmond Swayne, Angela Watkinson and Patrick McLoughlin.

Here's the full list:

Civil Partnership Bill (2004) Second Reading


Amess, David  Con ?
Arbuthnot, rh James  Con ?
Beresford, Sir Paul  Con x
Brazier, Julian  Con C4M Petition
Campbell, Gregory  DUP C4M Petition
Chope, Christopher  Con ?
Dobbin, Jim  Lab C4M Petition
Dodds, Nigel  DUP C4M Petition
Donaldson, Jeffrey  DUP C4M Petition
Fallon, Michael  Con x
Francois, Mark  Con ?
Gale, Roger  Con X
Hayes, John  Con x
Hoban, Mark  Con ?
Howarth, Gerald  Con  x
Knight, rh Greg  Con  ?
Lilley, rh Peter  Con x
McIntosh, Miss Anne  Con x
McLoughlin, Patrick  Con Voting for  
Paterson, Owen  Con x
Robathan, Andrew  Con x
Rosindell, Andrew  Con x
Swayne, Desmond  Con Voting for
Turner, Andrew  Con  x
Watkinson, Angela  Con Voting for
T. Mr. Edward Leigh  Con C4M Petition

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